Fri - Mon, September 4 - 30, 2020

Anytime | In YOUR neighborhood

Make it a friendly family competition! Invite your family both, near and far, to join you and/or your youth athlete on this virtual edition of the Loudoun Mini Athletes' Tri! 

Come up with a family team name, and be sure everyone in the family enters it during registration. We will have the following results categories for teams… Biggest Family (most team members) and Biggest Family Reunion (family team with the most variety of states).

Oldest Youth Athletes: ages 12 - 14
Run: 1 mile
Bike: 4 miles
Run: 1.5 miles

Virtual Edition

Young Athletes: ages 9 - 11
Run: .50 mile
Bike:  2 miles
Run: 1 mile

Mini Athletes: ages 6  - 8

Run: .25 mile

Bike:  1.25 mile

Run:  .75 mile

You will be given the option, during registration, to “opt-in” to receive either text or email notifications. This will be the first step to be able to submit your time, after you and/or youth athlete completes the virtual experience, to get your results published.

If you do not use Race Joy then here is how you submit results. Results can be submitted (HH:MM:SS format) through a text or email, and it will automatically upload to the results sections. Being that there is no way to ensure accuracy or a fair comparison of times submitted, the results will only be used to capture your time or your youth athletes' time, and for proof of participation and for bragging rights!

Results will be displayed as “overall” with the ability to drill down to an “age group”. Submitting a time for results is optional. There are no awards for this event.

Calling all youth athletes to grab their gear and prepare to dash, flash and dash again in the  virtual edition of the Loudoun Mini Athletes' Tri,  duathon style!  

  • Register Online.
  • Join Facebook Group– to share pre-race photos and photos of your race day experience.
  • Recruit Family & Friends– invite those cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends in other parts of the country can participate! How far can we reach? 
  • Pre-Race Communication– more information will be emailed to you as the event weekend gets closer. This info will help you get ready and show you how to submit your results.
  • Digital Bib– print race bib to wear during your event.
  • Race Weekend– it’s time! Use the Race Joy app and get out there and run or walk your registered distance. (more info to come)
  • Submit Results– if you use Race Joy your time will automatically upload to results. If not you will get a text or email to submit your results. (more info to come)
  • Submit Photos– from your event showing your bib and share on the Facebook group page.
  • Results Posted– results will continue to update Friday-Sunday of race weekend with the final results posted Tuesday, Sept 8.




Race Info

Results are available for this virtual experience!

The Loudoun Mini Athletes' Tri age group break down:

Mini Athletes: ages 6  - 8

Young Athletes: ages 9 - 11

Oldest Youth Athletes: ages 12 - 14

Adult Athletes: ages 15 & up (NEW for 2020)

Tips for how to get the best out your virtual experience.

All family members can participate no matter their location! 


We are excited to bring you GPS tracking through Race Joy. This is an optional feature that you must choose to opt into at no additional cost. Participants will receive mileage updates and fun cheers while using Race Joy. Spectators will be able to see where you/your youth athlete are at all times during their race and  can send cheers to the athlete. Start by downloading the app, Race Joy, on your phone and finding the race.  

Click HERE for a video highlight Race Joy and how it works!

NOTE: Participants will need to carry a cell phone while completing the virtual event.

Virtual Edition Location and Time is Anytime and Anywhere!

ALL can participate! Sister, Brother, Mom & Dad and even those out of town friends and family members.

All are welcome to join us for this years' virtual edition of our 

 run  | bike | run  duathon through YOUR neighborhood.

Adult Athletes: ages 15 &Up (NEW for 2020)
Run: 2 miles
Bike: 10 miles
Run: 3 miles